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For the following accommodations and buses, we will arrange reservations for you, so please do not reserva by yourself. The email about those reservations will be sent in June.
If you want to stay other accommodations, please make a reservation directly.

At the Start:Hotel Yunoyamaonsen Kibosou

This is the bib distribution venue as well as the start, so it’s very convenient to stay, but rooms have to be shared with other runners or your friends. There are 3-8 people rooms. The hotel provides nice Onsen and Japanese style rooms. The 2 meals are also Japanese traditional style and very delicious.

  • Hotel:Yunoyamaonsen Kibosou
  • Access:Free shuttle bus is operated between the nearest station Yunoyamaonsen station and the hotel

At the Finish:Hira Lake House

Each building has 3 Japanese style rooms. You can share the room with other runners or your friends. Each building has shared kitchen and bathroom. You can cook on your own or order meals at the guest house. Meal price

Please book the guest house if you are expecting to finish late night on Sat 7 because public transportation is not available. If you want to enjoy more time at the beach area, you can also book to stay on Sun 8.

Shuttle buses

A:From JR Otsu station Departing about 6:30 am on Oct 6 2023 (Approx. 3,000 yen)
It will be about 1h30m ride to the start area. You still have to go to either the start area or the finish area for bib distribution, so this bus is only recomended to local runners.

B:From the finish area Hira Lake House Departing about Oct 6 2023 (Approx. 3,500 yen)
It will be about 2 hours ride to the start area. Bib distribution will be carried on at both the start area and the finish area on Oct 5. This option is recommended to runners with a car and staying previous night at Hira Lake House.

C:From Yunoyamaonsen station Departing between 13:00 and 19:30 accordingly to train arrivals on Oct 5 2023.
Departing between 7:00 and 8:00 accordingly to train arrivals on Oct 6 2023.
It will be about 10 min ride to the start area.