2023 LAKE BIWA 100

LAKE BIWA 100 is an authentic 100-mile race comparable to overseas 100 mile race in full-fledged mountains. The course runs through a technical and beautiful ridgeline of the 1,200m class mountains (e.g. Suzuka Mountains, Hira Mountains) in renowned mountainous areas in Kansai, which requires runners, not only running ability, but comprehensive ability to run through the mountains and risk management skills.

Runners can enjoy the mountains surrounding Lake Biwa, which offers various and exciting challenges, and beautiful scenery along the course. After going through rough mountainous area in Suzuka Mountains, runners enters Shiga Prefecture on the Tokai Nature Trail where runners can enjoy running in a relatively flat section, and proceeds to the mountainous area again. From the trail overlooking Lake Biwa, the runners proceed to famous Mt. Hiei Enryakuji Temple in Kyoto, head north while enjoying traditional buildings of Japan, and enter the rugged mountain range. After conquering this mountain area, the runner reaches the last aid station set at a shrine called Modoroki Shrine, where people pray for their safely return. The runners pray for finishing the race safely, and then faces the last challenge, climbing the long steep climb of the Hira mountain range to the ridgeline. From there, Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, and the Suzuka Mountains located across the lake can be seen. Then, the runner go down a steep descent of 1000 meters to Lake Biwa, at once, runs along the lake shore, and finishes at a beach of Lake Biwa. Many runners enjoy Goal & Dive, where the runner dive into the lake celebrating their achievement. The Cut-off time is set for a relatively long time, but the course is challenging. Also, the route is marked but not that many (some sections have only few markers), so you need to be able to self navigate with your GPS watch and the offline map on your mobile phone every now and then.
Each aid stations have plenty of drinks and nice Japanese food and snacks. Aid station staffs are very friendly and provide great hospitality.
For runners from overseas, this is a unique opportunity where you can experience the beautiful nature of Japan, steep and challenging mountains, and Japanese cultures.

Qualifying race for Hardrock 100
UTMB Qualifier race
ITRA 6 points
ITRA National League race

This race is a qualifier race for the Everest 135 mile race in Nepal in May.
The male and female winners of the LAKE BIWA 100 will be invited to the Everest 135.
Finishers of the LAKE BIWA 100 will also be eligible to enter the Everest 135.
※To participate in the 135 mile race, you need to have an experience of hiking over 5,000m high. If you don’t have an experience of over 5,000m mountains, you can run 100km race instead.

6 Dec. 2023
The whole web page has been renewed for 2024 edition.
The detail of entry is in the LAKE BIWA 100 overview page.
This is very tough race, so please read all the information carefully before you enter.
Due to the logging work, we are told not to enter the trail between 2km after A7 and Mt. Ryozen (the first peak after A7) after May 2023, so please do not try to run this section before the race. We only have permission to go through on the race day.

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